Space Tribe and Electric Universe: Electric Space Phenomena - ESP: CD available from June 26th on Space Tribe Records and Solstice (Japan). A fantastic collaboration from psy-trance masters Olli Wisdom and Boris Blenn have come up with a stunner of an album. Electric Space Phenomenon. Intense, Psychedelic full power music with incredible production technique. This is the sound of 2006.

The Galaxy project started in 1995. Downbeat space music has always been one of my favorites. After the first uptempo trance releases, I enjoyed creating relaxing tunes and after some time the first Galaxy CD Angel was born. It got released on BlueRoom London. The followup CD Solar Synthesis was created in 1998. Containing Chill DnB, Trance, Electro and Ambient influences, Solar Synthesis turned out to be a mixture of all electronic styles I liked and loved producing in those days. After BlueRoom closed down, Galaxy moved to the new German label Chillcode Records. In 2004 I started to give Galaxy a new production period and the Science Of Ecstasy CD was the result. It was a very special piece of music to me, outstanding through its blissful energy and made it to nr. 1 in the Official German Chill-out Charts.

Jupiter 8000
Jupiter 8000 its first release was in 1998 on the NovaTekk sublabel Liquid Audio. Inspired by the upcoming progressive style, Jupiter has a sligtly more technoid feel. In 2004 the 2nd CD Twisted Bliss got released on Avatar Rec Israel.

Paradise Connection/Rainbow Spirit/Endora
Projects from the very early days. Paradise Connection contains a very unique mixture of styles. Rainbow Spirit had two Vinyl Maxisingle Releases on Polytox Records around 1995. Endora was a cooperation with DJ Sangeet from Hamburg and got released on Matsuri Prod, which was the London Label from DJ Tsuyoshi . These tracks were a big hit in those days and you can still feel why.
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